It is used to cast concrete wall. The basic beauty of our systems is as below.

  • Eco friendly
  • More repetition than rubber coated, plywood & M S plate i.e. more than 100 repeat
  • Labour friendly as it is light is weight, i.e. 6 to 7 time less than M S & half than plywood, Easy to Fix, dismantle, Carry and transport.
  • Cost saving: As the finishing of our concrete work is so finished that one need not to do plaster. One can simply put lapi & paint & able to save Rs. 16/- per Sq.feet.
  • Quality of wall: The quality of wall will be much better as concrete material cannot stick to our surface, plus Cement & water will not waste by coming & consume in plates wall will be cure from all sides without wastage of cement.
  • Easy to Install: Light in weight, No need of nails & binding wire, Auto leveling by plug
  • Easy to maintain: Only flush the water & you can clean.
  • Easy to repair for reuse simple low voltage, low cost plastic welding can do repairing
  • 600 x 600 mm plate, 300 x 300 mm plate, 150 mm dia plug & spacer can be used as per requirement.
  • As product manufactured by injection moulding process. All corner are at <90 and site are Straight and parallel so no gap will be developed during installation and use so no water and cement mortar leakage will be happed
  • Unadjusted gap can be set with 12mm plywood sheet easily as there is gap of 12mm between plug and plate.
  • Direct any design on wall is possible
  • Width of wall can be adjust in steps of 1” from 4”.

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