This system gives more than 100 repetitions, hence running cost is coming very less. The final RCC work will get smooth finish with minor joint line which does not require plaster. One can do putty & paint it. With this systems one can save @ Rs.25 / sq. ft. if you don't do plaster and hence it is cost effective.

This systems is made of from special grade plastic and hence no chemical reaction take place nor the material stick to it. Because of this property you cannot get any patched on the RCC FINISH. Also the gap between two plates are so negligible that no water nor cement get leaked out at the time of RCC & it gets curing from the bottom of the plate also, which enhance the final Quality of RCC casting.

Comparatively our formwork systems are very less in weight compare to conventional M.S. Plate ( 4 Times less) and Plywood ( Half Times less ). Hence it is very easy to install, dismantle, transport from one place to another. Due to easy plugging systems & east to fit makes this formwork shuttering systems most labor friendly.

By using our systems one need not to nails or apply oil to the plates before casting RCC. Due to auto leveling of plugging systems the plates are automatically leveled. Hence 30% time is save in assembling & also while dismantling the same. This save lots of time while shifting from one place to another. It’s save time lot.

All existing traditional scaffolding systems can be use in our formwork shuttering systems comfortably. You can cast Slab, Beam, Column & Wall etc.

In our systems lot of parts are supportive to each other and you can cast a beam/column from 9” inch to 21” inch by this same plate only adjusting the locking systems. Same way you can cast any length & width in 3” multiplication for any RCC work i.e slab, wall, beam & column. So it is versatile.

Our formwork systems is made from Petroleum waste and its long lasting and gives more than 100 repetitions. Its replace ply woods which consumes trees and M.S. which consumes iron ore from our planet earth. Our products help in preventing this precious metals from our earth and hence it is eco friendly.

After every usage of our foam systems you simply clean our plates by water. Where as in M.S. plate one have to apply oil to clean the M.S. surface plates. In our plate if any breakage occurs by mishandling than it is very easily sealed by low voltage hot air gun. So it is low in maintenance also.

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